What We Do

For Business Owners

For founders and long-term owners, the decision to exit a business is a major, life-altering decision. We know it is more than about a financial transaction. Encapsulated in the business are the combined efforts of the owner and staff, a shared culture, a sense of responsibility to customers and the community at large, and the legacy the owner desires. 


That is why we serve health information technology business owners by developing an exit process that provides for fair compensation with an eye towards preserving the legacy and structure that has been. Our goal is not to absorb health information technology companies into a large entity; rather, our goal and passion is to steward the dreams and aspirations that were present from the day the company was founded into the future.

For Private Investors

Investing in private companies can be both intellectually and financially rewarding. We understand that - it’s our passion as well. Having said that, we also understand that it may not be possible to source or finalize some investments by oneself especially in a rapidly changing industry such as health information technology.


For private investors interested in having exposure to the health information technology industry, we leverage our extensive industry knowledge along with our team’s deep financial and mergers and acquisitions knowledge to find the best acquisitions that are already established and profitable and negotiate fair acquisition terms. We do this without charging any fees, and we are involved in improving the acquisition for as long as you are. We are not satisfied unless our investor partners are realizing durable and regular returns. 

Focus Areas

Our general focus area is in health information technology as a whole. We have a specific focus in the following areas -


  • Integration Engines/Interoperability

  • Population Health

  • Lab Information Systems

  • Specialty Electronic Medical Engines (EMRs)


If you have a unique interest or a business that you are considering to exit in any area of health information technology (or in one of the areas listed above), please reach out. Even if there is not an opportunity for us to work together, we are more than willing to share any information we can with you and help direct you towards a better fitting solution.