Healthcare, especially health information technology, is changing. What we experience today is not what we will experience in five or ten years. The system cannot sustain more inertia. Change and friction are the fountainhead of investment opportunity. Stasis is the funeral oration for investment returns. 

We are a team of experienced professionals with extensive experience in medicine, healthcare administration, health information technology, finance, and mergers and acquisition. Our experience is only equaled by our twin passions -


  • Providing private health information technology business owners with a fair and legacy sustaining exit. We understand that a business is more than a financial instrument; it is the product of individuals' efforts, dreams, and aspirations. We steward that legacy for the future.

  • Ensuring that private investors receive as much of the benefit from the growth and change in the health information technology market as possible. We understand that a private investor’s choice of investment reflects more than a desire for financial gain. Private investors want to be part of the growth and development of life and society changing investments. Healthcare is one of the largest sectors in the United States, and we want to ensure that private investors have the opportunity to receive financial rewards from the continuing change in this critical market.

Team Members


Edward Worthington

Edward Worthington (Founder) - Ed has over 16 years of health information technology experience working in a variety of roles in inpatient and ambulatory organizations. He has spoken at a variety of conferences on topics related to interoperability, payer reporting, and population health reporting. Four years ago, he founded Advanced Health Technology Solutions, a boutique health information technology consulting firm that works with payers, physicians organizations/ACOs, and startups to ensure that organizations and the practices they support maximize the available external data sources to improve the quality of care delivered, reduce HEDIS reporting burdens, and better position client organizations to succeed in value based contracts.

Dr. Anthony Russell

Dr. Anthony Russell, MD MBA MPH is a senior healthcare executive working in the healthcare industry for over two decades. He has served in complex healthcare environments (Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, UCSF & CMHS), mainly focused on ambulatory outpatient care. He is determined to provide quality care and services by focusing on healthcare growth strategies finding synergies in health information technology space. Dr Russell has grown organisational value through his experience in Health IT (EHRs/Telehealth), Population Health, Clinically Integrated Networks and Accountable Care Organisations.


Nitin Sahay

Nitin has more than nine years of experience in financial research and investment banking services. He has worked on various assignments involving building complex financial models and information memorandum on Investment banking, Valuation, Merger & Acquisition, Accretion and Dilution Modelling, etc. He has also been directly involved in live M&A deals.

Nitin has sizable exposure to transactions across various industries such as real estate, automobile, power electronics, education, healthcare, retail, etc. Nitin has a Bachelors in Science (Microbiology) and Master Degree in Finance from ICFAI.

Sebastian Amieva

Sebastian Amieva. Sebastian Amieva has over 12 years of experience driving business and investor growth through mergers and acquisitions. He has focused on negotiating and creating deal structures that both enable acquisitions and provide operating cash flow advantages to the new owners to allow for the execution of growth strategies. He is also the founder and CEO of Taskeu, an offshore staffing service focused on providing trained, customer-service oriented staff to small businesses and professionals. He also serves on multiple boards as an M&A advisor.